A downloadable Fyrelette for Windows

Enjoy a fantasy world of magic filled with cute characters and a story about Light and Darkness in this 3D, top-down, shooter game.

Collect items for upgrades. Complete your quest in the world map. Shoot your way through darkness. Don't get bitten.


WASD - Movement

Left Mouse Button - Attack

F5 - Pause



A small town in woods; home to the Fyrelettes, a peaceful tribe of fire-wielding gobs of light - made with the flames of life and light.

One peaceful night, the children of the town woke up to the cries of the townsfolk as darkness extinguished their Light, one by one.

"Call the chief!", shouted one Fyrefolk.

"Father's dead! Step aside, men! I Vilyria Fyre will banish the darkness on our land!", commanded a young, but fierce, Fyrefolk wielding the orb of Light.

"Be careful, princess! May the Light guide you.", said the wizard, Derpfyre.

PS: Made using Unity, Blender, Photoshop, LMMS, and SFXR. Entry for "Dev Squad Jam" by TairaGames

Install instructions

Simpy extract the game from the .zip file and run the .exe file (for Windows). The graphics can be adjusted in the Settings in-game.

Thank you for downloading; enjoy! ;)


Fyrelette_v1.0.zip 18 MB

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