A downloadable LMB for Windows

Enjoy the simple artstyle of LMB accompanied by a soothing atmospheric music. Lead your army while getting your hands full with defending the gates to the Great Canyon!

Collect coins. Gather ammunition. And lead your army to victory against The Void!


WASD - Movement

Mouse - Look around

Left Mouse Button - Interact

Shift - Run

{when in weapon (ballista or cannon)} Hold 'S' to unmount


The void has returned and the Great Canyon is under attack once again. Go out there and don't let those Voidlings pass through the gates! Use the weapons we prepared for you and give the call on where to deploy our units. This is war, young hero. Save us. Defend the Walls!

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Youtube : MakulitStudios || neilcorre2k6


Leave_My_Base_v1.1.zip 18 MB

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